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Translate any text immediately with Global Translator. Download Global Translator free and you will have a practical translator for 14 languages on your PC

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Text translators can get you out of more than one tight spot. If you need to translate frequently, it would be rather convenient to have one of these applications installed on your computer. There are many options to choose from, but most of them have one major drawback, they require plenty of the system's resources, slowing down our computer considerably.

  Global Translator is a language translator that is capable of automatically translating single words and complete texts to fourteen different languages. The languages this application works with include English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

  It's a very simple application, that includes the minimum options necessary on its interface: a text box to input the words we want to translate, and two dropdowns where we can choose the input and the output language. Other options that it includes are to load a text from a file or to export the resulting translation.

  All in all, Global Translator is a basic application, but it fulfils its task: translate texts from one language to another.
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