Gmail messages not arriving on Android: how to fix it

The performance of an application such as Gmail is usually excellent. It is such a popular service that its developers always keep it updated and free of bugs. But, like everything in life, receiving emails in Gmail can also fail. In this article, we focus especially on possible bugs and misconfigurations that cause emails not to arrive. If you are not receiving emails in Gmail for Android, here are some solutions.

Is your device connected to the Internet?

Let us start with the basics: check that the connections of the device are active. The easiest way to do this is to display the notification curtain. There, verify that the Wifi and mobile data are enabled and that you have not put the device in airplane mode.

Check your Android connectionsCheck your Android connections

If the connectivity of your device is working properly, proceed to the next section.

Enable synchronization in the application

Gmail lets you disable email synchronization from your application. If you have deactivated it by mistake, new emails will not arrive. Open the settings to fix it.

Open Gmail’s settingsOpen Gmail’s settings

Then, tap on your email address.

Select your email accountSelect your email account

Find the Sync Gmail option and activate it.

Enable synchronizationEnable synchronization

Go back to the main screen and check if the new emails are synchronized.

Enable synchronization on Android

In addition to the synchronization setting in the Gmail application, Android has a similar setting. It is located in Accounts.

Android account settingsAndroid account settings

In the list, tap on your email address.

Select an accountSelect an account

Open Account Sync.

Synchronization settingsSynchronization settings

Make sure that Gmail is enabled in the list of services that are synchronized.

Enable Android synchronizationEnable Android synchronization

Again, go to the Gmail application to check that the emails start arriving again.

Troubleshoot possible application errors

If you tap on the Gmail icon and tap on the info button, you will access the App info section.

App infoApp info

In that section, you will find some settings that will let you eliminate possible Gmail errors.

Notifications always on

If notifications are disabled, you may get the feeling that emails are not arriving. Open Notifications.

Notification settingsNotification settings

Activate as many notifications as required.

Enable all notificationsEnable all notifications

Clear cache and reset Gmail

In Storage & Cache, you will find a couple of useful settings to solve errors in an application.

Storage settingsStorage settings

On the one hand, Clear cache, which removes most of the temporary Gmail files. Also, Clear storage, which resets the application to zero.

Clear cache in GmailClear cache in Gmail

We advise you to try Clear cache first. If this is not effective, use Clear storage as a more drastic solution.

Allow access to the network

Another possible problem is that Gmail does not have access to the network. This will make all applications work except the Google mail manager. To fix it, go to Mobile data & Wi-Fi.

Connection settingsConnection settings

Activate all the parameters you see in the following screenshot.

Enable background usage and network accessEnable background usage and network access

Beware of battery optimization

Gmail needs to run in the background to receive emails. Tap Battery to check what type of optimization is being applied to your application.

Battery settingsBattery settings

Check that the App can use battery in background option is enabled in Background restriction.

Background activityBackground activity

If none of this works, restart the device

We end the tips in this guide by suggesting that you restart your device.

Restart devicesRestart devices

It is likely that with the above solutions you have solved the problems in Gmail. But a reboot from time to time lets the system get things in order and neutralizes Android and app performance issues.

What if none of this helps you?

If after restarting your phone the problem persists, the failure may be due to a problem with the Gmail servers. And if you use the application to access mail from other accounts, either from other providers such as Outlook or via IMAP, you must make sure that the respective servers are working properly. In that case, the only thing you can do is wait for the administrators to solve the error.