How to empty the trash in Gmail for Android

The recycle trash in Gmail is a very useful tool to keep your email organized. It holds messages that you have deleted from other folders, such as the inbox. If you usually send lots of conversations there, you will likely want to empty it from time to time. How? Here, we will explain how to do it both automatically and manually.

Let the trash can empty itself

Gmail incorporates by default (and without the possibility of deactivation) a rule that prevents the trash section from becoming saturated. All messages sent there are permanently destroyed after 30 days. So to speak, by sending a conversation to the trash, you are setting an expiration date for it. This section lets you recover any messages deleted by mistake for a reasonably long time. But at the same time, it helps you keeps order.

Manually deleting the trash

In addition to letting Gmail delete emails from the trash as they expire, you have the option to delete them manually. Do this by opening the Gmail side menu and tapping on Bin.

Go to the trashGo to the trash

There, you will see the Empty Bin now button. Tap on it to start the final deletion of all emails.

Empty all the trashEmpty all the trash

Something curious about this feature that you should be aware of is that it does not let you delete messages individually, at least from the Android app. Therefore, the only possibility is to empty the entire trash at once. Remember that this action cannot be undone. Before you start the total deletion, make sure that you have not sent any important messages to the trash by mistake.