Download Gnaural free to favor your brain activity with binaural beats. Improve your intellectual capacity with an open source beat generator like Gnaural

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Gnaural is a binaural beat generator based on the precepts set in a scientific article published by Gerald Oster in 1973 under the name “Auditory Beats in the Brain”.

For some time now it is considered that binaural sounds can induce several brain status: Gnaural takes care of generating sounds that promote the good performance of the brain when it carries out intellectual activity.


  • Generate binaural beats that favor the brain stimulus before intellectual activity.
  • Use it both to stimulate the brain as well as to meditate.
  • Program the frequency of the beats.
  • Improved and optimized version compared to Winaural, software on which it is based.
  • Use headphones or speakers.

Improve your concentration

The scientists principles which this development is based on propose various uses, including studying and working as well as a tool for medical treatment on patients that are suffering from brain related illnesses.

If you think you can improve your brain activity by means of Gnaural don't think twice and download the program totally free, plug in your headphones and start stimulating your neural activity.

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