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gNewSense keeps strictly to the free spirit with which Linux was conceived. We won't find the even slightest trace of proprietary software in gNewSense

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Linux's philosophy is based on supporting the use and distribution of freeware, but there are very few distributions that fulfil this standard 100%. One if them is gNewSense that, based on Debian and Ubuntu, strictly keeps to the GNU ideology.

Not a trace of proprietary software

The developers of gNewSense have taken the concept of freeware very seriously and have excluded all sorts of proprietary software from this distribution, including its Linux kernel. Running under a GNOME desktop environment, the distro resorts to applications like Epiphany to browse the web, Pidgin for instant messaging or GIMP to edit and enhance images.

The 100% free Linux distribution.

Some of gNewSense's default applications

  • Epiphany for web browsing.
  • Pidgin as the distro's instant messaging client.
  • Ekiga Softphone to make VoIP phone calls.
  • Image editing and enhancement with GIMP.
  • OpenOffice as the office suite.
  • Emacs and GCG as development tools.

Stability and efficiency without jeopardizing the Linux philosophy

Freeware doesn't necessarily mean low quality and so has gNewSense proven, as it stands out for its stability. As a successor of Ubuntu, it has a wide range of tools and applications with which no user will miss any proprietary software application.

With gNewSense you'll get hold of a great variety of tools without neglecting the purpose with which Linux was conceived.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You can virtualize the image with an appropriate program or launch the installation by burning the ISO image onto an optical disc or pendrive.
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