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Gnome Do is one of the best application launchers for Linux. Download Gnome Do on your PC and by only writing the name of a program it will open instantly

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Direct accesses are about to become totally out of phase. Nowadays, the task of starting any application is up to application launchers, small programs that allow to launch any other in a way that is a lot more intuitive and dynamic. Gnome Do is one of the best application launchers for Linux.

  Its own developers have already clarified that Gnome Do is totally inspired on Quicksilver, probably one of the best and most complete application launchers. Just like the complement for Mac OS, this launcher for Linux allows to receive direct orders so as to decide what it is that we want to do. Thus, if we write a web page, it will open a browser, but if we write a text, it will allow us to follow writing by opening the text editor. All this in a way that will be very clear for the user.

  Of course, if we want a specific application, we will only have to write its name. What's more, Gnome Do supports plugins and extensions, so it won't be at all complicated for it to upload a photograph to Flickr if we indicate it, or for it to update our account in social networks by simply writing on it.

  There are so many extensions and so advanced that it is possible to search over Google Maps by means of Gnome Do before starting a browser. What's more, it is possible to start it in various ways, these can vary between clicking on its icon to a keyboard shortcut. The program will learn about how you use it to be able to adapt to your tastes and be a lot more productive each day.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that 3D acceleration is activated. It may be possible that some libraries and additional programs may be necessary.
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