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GNOME Sudoku is a program that will allow you to put your brain to the test playing this great Japanese pastime. Download GNOME Sudoku free for Linux

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The Japanese pastime, Sudoku, which consists on filling in a 9x9 board without repeating any numbers horizontally nor vertically nor within each 3x3 minigrid, has gained many adepts over that last few years, because it helps people to pay more attention and use logic deduction. Now, thanks to GNOME Sudoku you will also be able to play this pastime on your favorite Linux distribution.

The easiest way to play Sudoku

Using GNOME Sudoku is very simple, because the user only has to launch the application to be able to view on the screen a window where it will be possible to select the sudoku's difficulty (there are four levels). Once the level has been chosen, the application will show the sudoku on the screen, allowing the user to move through the grid using the cursor buttons or the mouse.

Print the games and complete them on paper.

One of the few additional possibilities that GNOME Sudoku offers is to send a sudoku to the printer to print it out and therefore be able to fill it in without needing to be in front of your computer.

Download GNOME Sudoku for free to be able to workout your mind with one of the best pastimes.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download includes all the pack of GNOMES Games, thus if you only want GNOME Sudoku you will have to indicate it during the installation.
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