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Gnome Video Arcade is the graphical interface for the Xmame video game emulator. Download Gnome Video Arcade free now and enjoy Arcade game on Linux

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Gnome Video Arcade is a simple graphical interface for Xmame, the video game emulator par excellence for Linux. This interface is based on the GNOME desktop environment. You will no longer have any excuse not to play those arcade games that you used to enjoy so much, Gnome Video Arcade makes the task easy for you.

  The philosophy of Gnome Video Arcade is that the interface isn't important, only the games. Due to this fact, the main objective of its design is that we can easily find the game that we are interested in without getting lost in a complex interface with difficult settings. The important thing is to play, and Gnome Video Arcade is very aware of this fact.

  The innovations that we can encounter in the latest version are:
- Detect the changes that take place in the ROM folder. Thus, if we remove or add a game, Gnome Video Arcade updates the games list.
- Now it's a single instance application. This means that if you launch the application once it is open, it won't show you a new window, it will show you the one that is already open.

  Try out Gnome Video Arcade and play classic arcade games.
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