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GNUGuitarINUX is a LiveCD that allows you to enjoy this Linux distribution aimed at guitar players. With GNUGuitarINUX you have all you need for your music

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One of the many good things about Linux is the possibility to have distributions focused on certain users. This is the case of GNUGuitarINUX. It's a Linux distribution aimed at the creation of music, specially designed for guitar players. In GNUGuitarINUX we can find all the tools necessary to compose music with our guitar.

Make the most of your electric guitar on Linux.

GNUGuitarINUX is based on Debian Squeeze and incorporates a series of tools that allow us to apply effects to the sound of our guitar or record audio tracks, among many other things.

Applications available in GNUGuitarINUX

  • Rackarrack: multiple effects for guitarists.
  • Guitarix: classic amplifier emulator.
  • TuxGuitar: tab editor for composers.
  • Jack Rack.
  • Qsynth: allows the user to control and handle a wide range of synthesizers.
  • Ardour: audio and MIDI multitrack recording.
  • Audacity: open source audio editor.
  • JAMin: audio mastering suite.

GNUGuitarINUX also includes tools to browse the Internet, such as Midori, or educational applications like GNU Solfege.

Download GNUGuitarINUX for free and make the most of all these music tools for Linux.

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