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Going Balls is a casual game in which you will swipe a ball around a track full of obstacles. Make your way through dozens of increasingly difficult levels

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Going Balls is a casual game that is a kind of endless runner where we will control a ball that rolls along a track packed with obstacles. We will control the speed of the ball by swiping it along, while also steering it as we go. Along the way, we will have to dodge all kinds of obstacles and try to collect as many coins as possible, which we will be able to use to customize the ball with all kinds of skins that can be purchased from the game store.

Swipe the ball while dodging traps and obstacles

It is an entertaining game featuring progressive difficulty: as we advance we will encounter levels that get more and more difficult. We will go from swiping our ball along a simple track to trying to not fall over the edge and avoiding other treacherous traps as we make our way along increasingly convoluted circuits. The graphics deserve a special mention given the pretty outstanding game design.

It is a very absorbing and entertaining game, making it perfect for relaxing while commuting to and from work or after a hard day studying.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Supersonic Studios LTD
162.9 MB

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