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Goldberg is a complete image viewer for a large amount of formats. With Goldberg you will also be able to edit the photos and apply filters to them

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Mac users know perfectly that some of the functions and programs that work on Windows are missing on their computers, like a more complete image viewer, that allows the user to edit any file in a quick and neat way.

  Goldberg is an image viewer that will allow us to perform certain adjustments to enhance our photos, as well as allowing us to view many formats that aren't directly compatible with the operating system.

  As well as redimensioning, cropping and rotating each file, it will also allow us to apply QuickTime filters to any image, allowing us to highlight an image's colors, and even to apply distortion effects.

  The program is capable of reading PICT, PSD, JPG/JPEG, TIFF, FlashPix, PNG, QTIF, GIF, PNG, Targa, BMP and QTM, as well as exporting in PNG, TIFF, BMP and QTIF.

  Download Goldberg and discover how practical it is to have a viewer with capacity to edit almost any image file in an easy and simple way.
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