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The remake of SEGA Forever's Golden Axe for Android brings us back the essence of the legendary action game for video consoles and arcade machines

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At the end of the 80's, SEGA launched one of the most recalled action games for an entire generation and that brought together part of the cultural heritage of that decade: fuzzy hair, dysmorphic Schwarzenegger-like bodies, and medieval fantasy on the covers of heavy metal albums. We're obviously talking about Golden Axe.

Remastered within the SEGA Forever collection

The Japanese video gaming company has republished this title for mobile devices, both in APK format for Android as iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. And what we'll find hereby is exactly what we enjoyed back then on arcade machines, on video consoles of the likes of Mega Drive or on Amstrad PCs: a game that resembles the Conan movie.

If you played back then and you remember the game, you'll already know that there are three characters: Ax Battler, a muscly warrior that looks like Dolph Lundgren; Tyris Flare, the princess with the fuzzy hair; and Gilius Thunderhead, a dwarf with a huge axe. Our target is to defeat the evil Death Adder.

The game was very popular back then, which led SEGA to release sequels such as Golden Axe 2, 3, The Revenge of Death Adder or Beast Rider, as well as subsequent adaptations to Xbox and PS3 which included online functions.

One of the best action-packed games you could find on arcade machines.

The version for Android devices has been released within the SEGA Forever collection that brings together remastered versions for smartphones and tablets of some of the classic titles of this company such as Sonic, Comix Zone or Altered Beast. Downloading the APK will allow you to enjoy this game without having to resort to emulators or download ROMs. These are its main features:

  • Wipe out all the enemies you come across in this beat'em up game: minions, skeletons, giants, knights...
  • Pick up potions and aids from colored gnomes that run all over the screen.
  • Mythological bird-headed animals and dragons ridden by our enemies and that we can also ride.
  • Variable health that depends on the blows received and the potions achieved.
  • Sudden death by falling off cliffs which automatically involves losing a life.
  • Save the game's progress.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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