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Good Timing allows the chance to program alarms to make sure your on time. Download Good Timing and configure notifications so you never forget anything

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When we use the computer to study, work or to carry out any kind of task we unconsciously forget about the time and this can cause problems.

Notifications and reminders so you're not late

Good Timing is an application with which we will be able to pay attention to what ever you want, because you will be able to add as many alarms as you want and that these let you know at any moment in time, with the possibility to view in real-time how long is left before each of the warnings that are pending.

You will be able to assign the sound, the description and even a command for an application to be launched, the computer to turn off or to play a song when the alarm warning activates.

Thanks to its interface it is very easy to view the time left or see how longs left before you have to leave, give food to the dog or finish your working day.

You will be able to program all the years warning and make sure that you don't forget anything thanks to Good Timing.

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Scott McLure
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