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Do you get distracted at the drop of a hat? Do you find it difficult to focus? Is procrastination a problem? Learn to manage your time with the Goodtime app

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Nowadays, we have so many distractions around us that it is difficult to focus on anything for long. In such cases, the Pomodoro technique comes to our rescue.

Designed to keep you focused and free of distractions.

This technique combines periods of work (25 minutes default) with periods of rest (five minutes) in order to increase our productivity, get organized, and improve our time management. When we download the APK file of this app, we will get a minimalist timer in order to put this method into practice.

The Pomodoro technique at your service

Goodtime is a simple productivity app for Android devices that provides us with a minimalist configurable timer based on the Pomodoro technique. The objective is to help us focus so that we can improve the productivity of our work sessions.

It is a very light, compact, and practical open-source app. Using it is as easy as opening it and tapping the screen. The timer is activated automatically and indicates whether it is time to work or for a rest.

Get rid of procrastination and improve your time management!

In addition, this tool features custom sounds for notifications, a system of colored labels, themes, productivity stats, a data exporting system in CVS format, and backup copies. However, some of these functions are only found in the pro mode.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Sean Mitchell
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