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The Google Arts & Culture application for iOS allows us to visit thousands of museums and art exhibitions through photos, videos, and virtual visits

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The Mountain View giant believes that everyone is entitled to enjoy art. For quite some years, Google has been making the most of its unlimited technology to create a huge database that includes the works of art of the most important museums and exhibitions in the world with an unbeatable image quality.

This service, that goes by the name of Google Arts & Culture, allows the user to explore inside museums and all sorts of pieces of art to the slightest detail, almost millimeter by millimeter, through millions of photos, videos, and works, as well as immersive virtual reality tours.

Options available in Google Arts and Culture

Thanks to the cooperation of over 1,200 museums from all over the world, Google has managed to put together and organize a huge amount of graphical material about art. Furthermore, it now offers it all to its users by means of an application with a clear and pleasant interface, just like all the apps designed by this company, that includes the following features:

  • Search for pieces of art sorted by period and color.
  • Includes works of art from over 1,200 museums in 70 different countries.
  • The image quality is so high that we can examine the paintings millimeter by millimeter.
  • The information changes each time the user opens the app so that we can learn now details about art history.
  • Hundreds of videos and VR tours of the most famous exhibitions in the world.
  • A map shows us nearby events and exhibitions.
  • Allows us to share collections with other contacts and save our favorite ones.

Your portrait, worthy of a museum.

At Google's lab, its researchers have been concentrated for some time on developing artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology. However, to test and improve this technology they have included it in this Google Arts app. Why? To allow the user to search for his lookalike amongst the thousands of works of art stored in the database. After accessing the option Is your portrait in a museum?, the system will require you to take a selfie, search in the database for a match, show you several pieces of art that look like you, and provide you with the percentage of similarity with each one of them. It's not very useful but it's great fun and the results will definitely surprise you.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 10.0.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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