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Access Google Cloud Platform, a platform for the development of applications and pages in which you provide the code and Google the infrastructure necessary

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The development of applications and webpages may be affected by infrastructure problems that not all users are capable of solving. Google Cloud Platform is a service developed by the search engine that provides the tools necessary, not only to create your projects, but also to store and analyse their data under Google's infrastructure.

Features of Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform allows you to develop applications and webpages. Increase the speed and productivity of your work, make the most of the scalability advantages and forget about infrastructures and data centres.

  • Compatible with Java, Python, Go and PHP.
  • Store data in Google Cloud SQL, a database based on MySQL.
  • Memcache tool to store temporary data.
  • Auto-scaling function.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Use BigQuery to analyse data.

Become part of Google Cloud Platform right now and take your work to another level supported by Google's technology.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a paid version.
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