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Do you need to modify the configuration or protect your Google account? Google Dashboard allows you to access all the options of your Google account

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Our Google account includes much more information than what we believe and it's much more customizable than what many users think. The Internet giant offers its users a complete configuration menu, divided into our account's general settings and Google's specific services from where we can modify the account's active devices, modify passwords, increase our confidentiality or configure system notifications, among many other options.

After accessing Google Dashboard by means of your email address and password, you'll come across a drop-down menu with all the services included, organized in alphabetical order and with the configuration available in each case. Apart from the settings of Google's most used services such as Gmail, Google+, YouTube or the Play Store, the most advanced user will also be able to access his Adwords, Analytics or Cloud Print accounts.

Google, the new Big Brother

But there's much more to this panel. It also includes some tools that usually draw the attention and surprise those users that are very way about their privacy and confidentiality: the Device Manager, the Location History, and the Search History.

  • The first tool can be used to find a device in the case of theft or loss, to make it ring, lock it or delete all the information it stores.
  • The second one allows the user to check the exact location where he has been every single moment of the day and even draw a line on the map to show his journeys during a certain configurable time period thanks to the current geolocation of modern mobile devices.
  • The third tool shows us an incredibly complete and specific report about everything the user has visited and searched on the Internet from his different devices.

And although Google doesn't say so publicly because it's interested in knowing us as much as possible, all these options that can make us feel as if we were characters out of an Orwell book, are completely configurable and can be modified from this panel. Just flick through the different options and disable the parameters you're not too comfortable with.

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