Google Earth Helicopter

Visit any place on Earth on board a helicopter with Google Earth Helicopter. Make the most of Google's program to view the world from a different view

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Google Earth is one of the best tools to get to know the world from our computer, because it doesn't only show us maps and satellite views of every single corner of the world, it also includes all kinds of utilities, like virtual visits to the best museums in the world.

  Now we'll have the opportunity to travel around the world in an original fashion, because we'll be able to do so as if we were mounted in a helicopter.

  The developers of Google Earth Helicopter have cut out the windows from a model included in Flight Simulator by Microsoft, but they haven't maintained the controls, so it will only be as if we were seeing Earth from above with a mask on.

  The application is very unstable, and it isn't at all advisable if we're looking for a specific place or if we use Google Earth to extract any kind of information.

  If you want to discover a different way of browsing with the geography application by Google, download Google Earth Helicopter right now.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have Google Earth or the Google Earth Plugin installed to work. The application is highly unstable.
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Antony Peel
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