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Observe the world from any perspective and in 3D with Google Earth Plugin. You will be able to see Earth from the sky by downloading Google Earth Plugin

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One of the most original and practical applications by Google is, without a doubt, Google Earth. It's a program that will allow us to enjoy with all kinds of details any place on planet Earth, as well as allowing us to travel around certain cities in 3D, to visit virtual museums or view the geographic irregularities of any terrain.

The plug-in to make the most of Google Earth

Until not so long ago, it was only possible to enjoy all this by accessing from the official program, but now, thanks to Google Earth Plugin, we'll be able to enjoy the contents related to this great service straight from our browser.

All those websites that include routes in KML format, to know the location of a place, or those that use 3D models with which to recreate a trail, will be able to be seen without having to open another application.

If you want a more direct way of enjoying all the advantages offered by one of the most singular services on the entire Internet, without having to use a specific program, quickly download Google Earth Plugin.

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Antony Peel
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