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Google Map Buddy captures the selected areas of Google Maps. Download Google Map Buddy for free and you will be able to check the maps while offline

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If you usually use the renowned free service by Google that offers maps of cities from all over the world, Google Maps, you'll be interested in Google Map Buddy.

Google Maps is a very interesting tool to locate the position of businesses, hotels, restaurants,... on a map. In many cases, we would like to take these maps with us to be able to check them offline or print them. That is exactly what Google Map Buddy allows us to do.

Make captures of Google Maps

Google Map Buddy is a lightweight application that takes captures of Google Maps and stores them as images on our hard drive. Furthermore, since it can perform the captures with the level of zoom that we choose, we'll be able to reconstruct the city with the level of detail that we require.

The main advantage of this application is how easy it is to obtain the maps. We simply have to select the area that we desire, and the application will take the necessary captures to reconstruct the area, no matter how vast it is.

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Antony Peel
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