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Google Maps Go is the lite version of the maps and GPS application that has been optimized for Android smartphones and tablets with low-end specifications

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The most popular and possibly the best maps app in the world is Google Maps. This service by Google that has mapped almost the entire planet and that comes along with hundreds of useful functions such as a GPS navigator adapted to different vehicles and means of transport (you can use it on foot, by car, by bus...), is one of the most useful tools that we can have on our smartphone.

However, it's an application that's been going on for quite some time with plenty of updates in its history. The latter have incorporated functions such as 3D views that require devices with higher capacities and that can be a problem for many users that only have low-end smartphones or tablets.

Go, the lite version of Google Maps

So, in order to not lose any users, Google has released the lite version of its map service. We're talking about Google Maps Go with which you can easily and quickly find your bearings all over the world with the help of its satellite system.

We're talking about an app that consumes fewer resources without jeopardizing the provision of data such as the GPS location, real-time traffic, directions or public transport services such as trains and buses. It also includes the possibility to search for information about millions of places, including phone numbers and addresses.

Low-end phone? No problem if you download the lite version of Google Maps.

  • Tap to quickly obtain directions and details on the map.
  • Real-time traffic information.
  • Check bus and train times.
  • Explore the streets with directions for pedestrians.
  • Discover and explore new places.
  • Search for and find restaurants, business, and nearby interesting places.
  • Decide which places to go depending on the opinions, ratings, and images provided by other users.
  • Find the phone number and address to get there.
  • Save places for later.
  • Accurate maps for almost any country in the world.
  • Traffic information for almost 7,000 transport agencies, over 3.8 million stations, and 20,000 cities.

There's no doubt that if your phone is no longer a flagship device, the best option to carry on using Google's mapping app is to download the APK of Go.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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