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Google Meet is a web development that intends to be a video conference service similar to Hangouts but for companies and professional environments

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For quite some time, in its eagerness to conquer the Internet, Google has been offering us all sorts of services that cover all kinds of scopes in the life of a person. The Californian company also intends to open its way in the professional sector and its latest contribution has been Google Meet, an online video conference app for companies that reminds us of Hangouts.

Does that mean that Hangouts is closing? When exactly?

Well, it looks like its API will stop receiving support in April of 2017 and its instant messaging and video chat functions will be transferred to Allo and Duo. Therefore, Meet is the corporate version that has been released as a webapp so that it can be accessed from any device, such as a PC, smartphone or tablet, and from any operating system: Windows, Linux, macOs, iOS, Android... However, for the time being, there's one essential condition: you need Google Chrome.

Corporate video conferences and voice calls through Chrome.

Video conferences with up to 30 participants

And if Hangouts only used to let us create chat rooms with up to 10 users, here we'll be able to multiply that number by three: 30 participants can take part via invitation or conference code. These calls can be carried out with HD quality.

  • Chat rooms with up to 30 participants.
  • Access by means of an invitation or code.
  • Chat and instant messaging functions.
  • Voice calls.
  • Video calls.
  • Video quality at 360p and 720p.

In any case, we really don't know what's going to happen yet with both applications, whether they'll coexist or whether Hangouts will end up disappearing forever. That sounds more than likely.

Plenty of competition for corporate productivity apps

It's obvious that companies are the entities that invest the most in online communications, and that's why over the last few years all the important developers have been battling it out to try to rule this market sector. Skype is the usual suspect, but we can also make use of Slack or Amazon's new toy, Chime. Google is back in the fight with a service that, thanks to the omnipresence of its search engine, web browser, and the rest of applications in its catalog, has earned plenty of respect from its competitors.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Google Chrome.
  • Requires a Google user account.

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