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Google Pack is a pack of tools to communicate and browse the Internet, that will improve our experience. Download Google Pack and discover what it includes

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Despite the fact that as time goes by, Google is starting to make itself a name within the software industry, since a few years ago they have made available for the users a pack of applications, known as Google Pack, that encompasses everything necessary to browse and communicate over the Internet without any problem.

  These are some of the tools that are part of the pack:

  - Google Desktop: A collection of desktop widgets, that can be customized by the user.

  - Google Chrome: The quickest browser on the market.

  - Google Toolbar for IE: A toolbar for Internet Explorer from which we will be able to carry out various tasks related with the services offered by Google.

  - Picasa: One of the most complete free image organizers.

  - Avast!: A free antivirus that offers various security systems with the objective of avoiding being infected by any malware.

  - Google Earth: One of the most curious applications in this pack, because it allows the user to view the whole world from his/her PC.

  - Skype: The most used VoIP application.

  If you want to have a great pack of tools in the most simple way possible, take no longer and download Google Pack.
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