Tips & tricks to make the most of Google Play Services

If you are an Android user, you probably know Google Play Services already, or don’t you? This app is preinstalled on virtually every Android smartphone on the market and, although it might not show at first, it is very important for your smartphone and any app in it to function properly. In fact, typically, this app cannot be uninstalled. Uninstalling it would involve taking significant risks that could render your phone unusable.

Google Play Services makes it possible for our devices to work perfectly linked to Google's online services such as Gmail, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store, for example. It actually manages hundreds of functions related to mobile performance and its integration with the universe of the Great G’s platforms and services.

In the following tutorials, we will explain all this in detail, starting with the basic knowledge of what exactly is this app and what are its specific functions. You can discover how to install and uninstall it on Android; whether you need it or you can do without it; if you can use it if your cellphone does not have it installed by default; and how to update its components. We will also solve any doubts that may arise if you begin to experience problems in your operating system and if you have to worry if it is consuming a lot of battery, a typical doubt among all those who see their battery life go down and find the perfect culprit in Google Play Services.

To start, be aware that, although it is an app, it has little to nothing to do with the apps you are used to seeing. Would you like to know more? Check all these tips, tricks, and tutorials to navigate Google Play Services without a problem, and with all the capabilities it provides. Be very careful because it is an essential app of the system, and the operation of many components depends directly on it!

How to use Google Play Services and how they work

You don’t have to do anything at all to use Google Play Services; simply make sure that the app is installed on your phone; despite its name, it is like any other app. Google Play Services is a system app that works opaquely in the background providing all its functions without the need for you to interact with it. In fact, it doesn’t even have an interface or access icon. At most, the operating system will require you to grant it permissions when installing new apps or performing other activities that require its functions, but that is all.


What are Google Play Services and what are they for

Google Play Services is a system application that is preinstalled on all Android mobile phones that use the Google ecosystem. This app is, in fact, a set of libraries created by Google and made available to all developers for them to take advantage of and implement Google services in their apps, which provides many benefits to users. Google Services can be understood as the link between Android, our phone apps, and Google online services.


What to do when Google Play Services don’t run

There are several things you can do if Google Play services are not working correctly.


How to uninstall Google Play Services

Google Play Services cannot be uninstalled directly like a normal app. There is only one way to uninstall Google Play Services and you need to access the internal system folders to locate the folder related to this app and delete it. For this, you will need to meet some prerequisites and use ADB on a computer, or directly being a root user and use third-party apps developed specifically to remove Google Play Services.


How to install Google Play Services

In most cases, Google Play Services is preinstalled on your phone, so you don't have to do anything. Anyway, if for whatever reason it is not on your mobile, all you need to do is follow this guide.


How to update Google Play Services

There are two options to update Google Play Services: you can enter the Play Store or access our website.


Translated by Susana Arjona