How to remove devices from Google Play

When we register devices in Google Play, they are automatically saved in a list. This feature will be useful if we install apps directly from the website. However, over time, devices we no longer use build-up, and this can be cumbersome. Can these devices be removed from the Google Playlist? The answer is no, oddly enough. The only way to stop them from showing up is not using those devices since smartphones and tablets not used for more than a year will automatically disappear from the list. However, they can be hidden.

Up next, we will tell you how to do it from a smartphone or tablet, but you will have to use a web browser since this is not possible from the app. Once you are on the website, tap on the three horizontal lines icon in the top left corner.

Menu on Google Play’s webMenu on Google Play’s web

Tap on Settings.

Go to SettingsGo to Settings

A list of all your devices linked to Google Play will be displayed. Go to the Visibility column and uncheck the box next to the Show in menus option for each device you do not want to appear in the installation list.

List of registered devicesList of registered devices

Installing Google Play apps on your devices directly from the Google Play website is convenient. From this website, we can install apps on any of our devices. However, over time, we can accumulate devices that no longer work or that we no longer have. Note that we cannot remove devices from the list, either from the drop-down menu that appears when we install an app from the PC or from the list that we mentioned in the previous steps. To improve the speed and visibility of the web version of Google Play, the only immediate option is to hide them.