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Google Primer offers you lessons about digital marketing and business to be able to start off that project that you have in mind with guarantee of success

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Have you ever thought about starting an online business? Maybe a store, a blog or a web page? Internet businesses are in fashion and plenty of people have managed to make their dream to earn themselves a living on the Internet come true.

But not everything is perfect: you've got the flexibility of working at home and designing your own schedule but there's also plenty of fierce competition to try to be the best and reach more and more screens. SEO is a true art and whoever manages to master it will guarantee his or her success.

The Internet is a jungle where Google is the king.

For such purpose, Google has developed an app to teach us everything we need to know about business on the Internet and digital marketing techniques in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner so you manage to retain all the important aspects. It goes by the name of Google Primer and it's the bible for any digital entrepreneur.

What's Google Primer for?

Whether you've got an Android or iOS app, a web or you manage different social networks, you should be interested in these lessons. They are sorted by topics and each lesson can be easily read in 5 minutes: just what you need to make the most of your time whilst you wait for the bus or your turn at the hairdresser.

Furthermore, to make it less boring, it comes along with practical exercises so you quickly retain the most important concepts. With a clear design, full of photos, pastel colors, and well-cared fonts, learning business won't take you too much effort. Then it will be time to put all the knowledge into practice.

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