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Google Quick Search Box is a tool that will allow you to launch Mac applications. One of its advantages is that it allows you to find files much easier

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Google Quick Search Box is a simple, but useful application developed by Google. It may seem like just a simple application launcher, but its functions are much more complete than that. By means of its box, you will be able to perform as many searches as you want in Google, or even the Wikipedia. It's very simple to use and will save you a lot of time.

Main features

If you want to avoid having to search for a program that you want to open in the application folder or you need to quickly search for a word in the Wikipedia, you'll be able to do so from Google Quick Search Box. To search for an application you'll simply have to start to write its name and this program will show you several options. When you have found the one that you're looking for, you only have to accept, and the program will be launched.

Speed up your searches.

Google Quick Search Box also has hotkeys that will allow you to perform searches on the Internet. For example, if you press command + 2, you'll be able to search through Google's news: write the word, accept, and your browser will open with the search result. By means of other hotkeys you'll be able to check Google's images, Gmail service, YouTube or the Wikipedia.

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