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Google Reply for Android is an app by Google that allows us to send automatic replies through the our messaging apps if we can't waste time answering them

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Google's Area 120 is the company's internal project incubator where they work on experimental products that many of us would love to try out. One of their latest creations is Google Reply, a system that is already capable of providing smart automatic replies through any messaging application.

For the time being, it's still a project at beta stage but it's already capable of automatically replying to messages thanks to Google's artificial intelligence within the majority of the most popular messaging applications and social networks: WhatsApp, Google Allo, Skype, Slack, Twitter, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger…

What's Reply for?

As we mentioned earlier, Reply is still under development and its functions will be expanded in the near future, however, at present, it's already capable of settling the following situations if configured correctly:

  • If someone asks you how long you're going to take to get back home, the service calculates that time according to your position and the transport used and gives an automatic reply. Very useful if you're driving, for instance.
  • If someone asks about your opening hours, the app can answer automatically and notify about possible holidays if appropriate.
  • It can notify about the location, resting hours or absence of the user.
  • Many more possibilities.

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