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Download Google Satellite Maps Downloader and you will be able to download images and photos from all over the world directly to your PC using Google Maps

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In Google Maps and Google Earth, you can find photos from almost all over the world, from remote places in the wilderness with incredible beauty to the village that we want to visit during our holidays. And on many occasions, we want to download these images and store them on our hard drive so that we can check them later for something, or simply because they are nice.

Download photos of any corner of the Earth

Google Satellite Maps Downloader is an application that will help us to download all the images that we want, by simply inputting the exact coordinates of the location. Once we have indicated the North, South, East and West limitations, and the zoom that we want to apply to the images of the "photo" that we want to take, the software will download the photos straight from Google Maps.

Once we have the photos on our computer, Google Satellite Maps Downloader also offers us the possibility to combine them to create a larger image, because it downloads them in small portions. Thus, we can obtain a more detailed map of the location that we want.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The zoom levels are limited in the trial version.
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