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In Google Street Art Project you'll find the best collection of graffitis of all times. Street art is immortalized thanks to Google Street Art Project

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Graffitis are one of the most eye-catching artistic manifestations. This is probably due to the fact that they make use of urban environments for supporting purposes, as well as to its short-lived nature. You can now admire some of the most stunning graffitis in the world with Google Street Art Project.

Just because it isn't in a museum doesn't mean that it isn't art.

Google Street Art Project gives us unprecedented access to a large collection of urban art photos, where we can find graffitis that we can locate on a map or search by artist. Some of them can even be found at locations that no longer exist. Therefore, it's a gallery with the best elements of urban art from all over the world.


  • Locate graffitis by means of a map or searching by artist name.
  • Access some of them by means of the Street View tool.
  • Enjoy exclusive contents such as videos or interviews.
  • Admire up to the slightest detail of each piece of art.
  • Share the best works on Google+.
  • Access thematic galleries.

With Google Street Art Project you'll always have at hand on your screen the best museum for a street art that has become an endangered species.

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