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Google Translate translates texts to more than sixty languages. A simple interface added to its speed are two of many properties of Google Translate

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Google Translate is a web application that allows to translate more than sixty languages.

How Google Translate works is very simple and it includes functions present in other text translations programs. You only have to input the text into the box developed for that purpose and select the language its in and the language you want to obtain.

Despite seeming rather simple this application has features that make it noteworthy considering its an online translator, One of these is its great translation speed, that is nearly instant.

Another of these features is the possibility to listen to the translated and original texts, as well as inputing data by means of a microphone if translating from English.

It also offers the possibility to edit the translations and to highlight the word or expression that correspond to a specific part of the original text.

Google Translate is an option worth considering when translating, as well as having the usability and clarity that are normally always present in Google applications.

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