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Google Updater is a multitask tool. Download Google Updater for free and install essential Google programs or update all those that you installed previously

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Google Updater is an application by Google, a company that has always looked for usability above everything else. When all the main search engines started to create web portals, Google kept working with a minimalist and fast home page. Their mail server is excellent and with Google Updater, the only thing that they are looking for is to make it easier for users to use any kind of software.

Get hold of Google's essential tools for your PC

This is a tool that, as well as allowing you to install a large number of essential programs, detects many others to help you to maintain them updated at all times. The majority of these programs will be Google programs like Chrome, Picasa, Google Earth, and Google Desktop, but you'll also be able to find antiviruses, plug-ins for browsers, document viewers,...

The most important utilities that any Windows operating system may need as soon as you install it, are covered by Google Updater. So if you want to automate the entire download, installation and update process, Google Updater will allow you to do so with a few clicks.

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