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Improve your browsing speed with Google Web Accelerator. Use Google's servers to load all the websites quicker, download Google Web Accelerator for free

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Sometimes we may notice that our browser takes a long time to load some websites, and this leads to an unnecessary loss of time. To try to minimize this loss, we can use Google Web Accelerator.

How to browse faster

Google Web Accelerator performs several operations to make our browsing more dynamic:

  1. Requests the web pages to specific Google servers.
  2. Saves copies of the web pages that we visit more often.
  3. Instead of downloading the full web page when it changes, it only downloads the changes.
  4. Downloads some web pages in advance.
  5. Tries to reduce the delay by managing the Internet connection.

Thanks to all these operations, we'll be able to browse the Internet with more speed, and we will even be able to enjoy the contents more. Google Web Accelerator doesn't work with HTTPS pages, thus it guarantees that the information sent to these web pages will be maintained private.

Therefore, if you want to increase your browsing speed, and you even want to find out how much time you are saving, download and install Google Web Accelerator.

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