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GoreBox is an extremely violent FPS-type shooting and action game which takes place in a pixelated open world designed in the same style of Minecraft

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If shooting games are your thing but you're not very graphic savvy or looking for a hyper-realistic experience, then maybe GoreBox is for you. This is an action game with a rather minimalist design, inspired by Minecraft pixels, where we can get involved in killing enemies giving a little bit of rein to our sadism.

FPS in a Minecraft pixelated world

In the design of this game we didn't want to beat around the bush and we found a rather violent FPS that, to tell the truth, won't scare or scandalise anyone because having resorted to a basic graphic environment, makes the blood and the livers have to be intuited, even though violence is very present.

We will be able to go through a world open to our air, with total freedom of movement, where we will find other players and objects that we will be able to annihilate with our weapons. The control system is the classic in these cases: joystick on the left side of the screen and buttons for action on the right. And as you progress through the game and destroy everything in your path, you'll unlock increasingly powerful weapons and combine different items from your inventory.

It's a perfect game for those looking for some action and fun.

Requirements and additional information:
Felix Filip / F²Games
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49.7 MB

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