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With GParted you can manage the partitions on your hard drive from a very simple environment. GParted is compatible with a great number of file systems

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Managing the partitions of a hard drive doesn't need to be complicated. That's what the coders of GParted must have been thinking when they created a LiveCD based on Linux.

Manage partitions without complications

GParted Live offers an environment to control the partitions of a hard drive, with an interface designed with simplicity in mind, with the idea of making the process easier. It can be launched from a USB or CD and is compatible with multiple file systems, allowing all kinds of management tasks to be performed on partitioned drives.

Features of GNOME Partition Editor

  • Compatibility with EXT2, EXT3, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, JFS, SWAP, NTFS, REISERFS, REISER4, UFS and XFS file systems.
  • Possibility to delete, create, reduce and expand partitions.
  • Simple and tidy interface.

Tools included in GParted

As you can see, GParte is a kind of small lightweight Linux distribution based on Slackware. Therefore, although its main purpose is to manage partitions, it also includes a series of tools that can be useful for other tasks:

  • lxterminal: a terminal emulator to access the command line.
  • pcmanfm: a graphical file manager.
  • leafpad: a graphical text editor.
  • netsurf: a lightweight web browser.
  • gsmartcontrol: a tool to inspect hard drives and SSD disks.
  • calcool: a scientific calculator for algebra operations.

Now that you know, to manage hard drive partitions from a simple graphical interface, don't hesitate to download GParted for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Because this is an ISO, it's necessary to burn it onto an optical disc or virtualize it.
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