Download GPass free to browse the Internet anonymously with an encrypted signal. With GPass you will be able to bypass the restrictions of many countries

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It's a real pity to know that there are still countries and regions where Internet connections and the right to access information aren't free and universal. Places where browsing through certain sites is simply impossible, but that applications like GPass try to make it easier.

Enjoy completely anonymous browsing

GPass is, like many others, an application that allows the user to browse the Internet anonymously, by means of encryption, thus making sure that nobody can monitor what websites are being visited, or the programs being used. To do so, GPass includes a list of applications, the connection of which will be guaranteed by using tunnels to transmit the data.

To be able to go unnoticed, you shouldn't leave tracks, and this is the tool you need.

Firefox, Thunderbird or Windows Media Player are some of the programs that are completely supported to be dragged to the simple interface of GPass, and thus be able to use them completely anonymously, even though any program or even specific websites or bookmarks can be configured to use the tunnels and ciphering of GPass.This application doesn't leave any track of its use, because it's an executable that doesn't need to be installed, and thus, its use from a pendrive with a portable browser is fully feasible.

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