GradientStudio is a program destined to web designers that allows to carry out all kind of color gradients. Download GradientStudio free on your computer

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Recently degrading has been used a lot when developing web sites. It is an effect that can be really nice visually if used correctly, and on many occasions it is very difficult to get it right. That is why an application like GradientStudio can help lots of developers to finish their job.

  With this application it is possible to create hundreds of different gradients, because it is possible to modify everything, from the colors to the amount of gradients that we want to include in each image, being able to generate color increases or degradations various times on the same image, as if they were waves.

  The output formats can be BMP or JPEG, and to make the web developers work easier, we can all get the results in HTML, $rrggbb or $bbggrr. Some formats that use gradients in webs without having to use images.

  Thanks to GradientStudio it is possible to obtain quality gradients to make any design nicer, or simply to fill a space that would otherwise end up blank.
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