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Writing correctly is very important and that's why Grammarly Keyboard - Type with confidence can be of great help with all its automatic corrections

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Ever since the invention of SMS and our eagerness to save a few cents by compressing our messages, we write worse and worse. The new generations aren't even interested in writing correctly and the majority don't even care. But if we don't pay attention to our language and how we express ourselves, we will end up not understanding each other. Let's save grammar. That could well be the slogan of the Android app Grammarly Keyboard - Type with confidence, that not only helps you with your spelling but also corrects your grammar. Want to know how it works?

It helps you to write without mistakes within any application.

How to use it

Once you've downloaded the APK file of this application, you'll be able to access all its functions. However, don't get too excited because it hasn't been translated into too many languages yet and is only available in American and British English. Grammarly works just like any other keyboard. In other words, you'll have to select it from the settings. Thus, whenever you have to write on your Android handset, instead of using the default keyboard, you'll be able to use this one, which is basically the same but with a few extras.

The keyboard integrates into all the applications.

Whenever you're writing in an application and you make a spelling mistake or a grammar error, the tool will warn you. Not only will you be able to correct the mistake by simply tapping a button but you'll also be able to find out why. Thus, Grammarly Keyboard always gives you feedback on your mistakes so that you can learn for the future. The truth is that it's really cool because there's much more to it. For instance, from the settings menu you can customize the app with these functions:

  • Automatic correction by pressing Enter or full stop.
  • Automatic capital letters.
  • Space after a stop.
  • Vibration, sound, and larger keys.
  • Voice input key.
  • Language preferences.
Requirements and additional information:
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Antony Peel
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