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Grand Battle Royale is a shooting game with graphics similar to Minecraft, full of huge pixels. Take part in online multiplayer combats and have fun

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You definitely cannot deny that Minecraft's aesthetics have had a great influence on other games. There are blocks and squares all over the place, and that also goes for violent action games. That's where Grand Battle Royale comes in, a first-person shooter that pays tribute to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

An online multiplayer battle game in which you'll have to do whatever it takes to stay alive and survive.

At the beginning of the game, your pixellated character will appear on an island with the rest of players that will try to kill each other as soon as they can. When all the players are ready, they'll put you on a plane and you'll have to jump off with your parachute whenever you feel that it's the right moment. And that's when the Hunger Games start! Your mission is to search for any object that you can use to kill the rest of online players. It isn't too hard to find weapons but they all need ammo which is running low, so you'll have to be careful with wasting shots. That's if you get the chance to aim at anyone.

You can purchase skins for your character and keys to open chests from the store available in the main menu. The only drawback is how long it takes to start each game: whilst the rest of players log in or log out you get time to take a nap. And that voice-over sounds a bit out of place but that's probably the effect the developers were after.

Only the king can surive the Grand Battle Royale!

Some help and tips

Probably the best thing you can do before playing this shooter is to watch a gameplay or two to see what it's all about and practice with the controls on the initial island where you can't be harmed. The joystick is managed with your left hand, whilst the camera and other functions have to be controlled with your right hand. It will take you quite some time to get used to the controls as they aren't very intuitive.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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