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Granny: Chapter Two for Android is the second part of the horror adventure game in which we have to escape from a house dwelled by a dangerous granny

Second part of the horror adventure

April 19, 2021
8 / 10

The first Granny adventure game offered us a horror adventure that reminded us of a classic of the likes of Alone In The Dark. We had to escape from a house in which a scary granny had us locked up and didn't hesitate to hit out at us if she found us walking around the house to then send us back into hiding.

Locked up with the grandparents for the second time

As usual in these games, its main characters aren't very clever: they haven't had enough with the first time so they've been back for more a second time (and probably a third, fourth and fifth time...). Therefore, here we are once again. This time around, in Granny: Chapter Two. But on this occasion, the damn granny isn't on her own as she now has the company of a dismal grandad who's deaf as hell but who is capable of seeing us giving us a good wallop.

Just like in the first version of Granny, we've got 5 days (5 lives, really) to escape from the house. We have to explore the corridors and rooms looking for tools and objects we can use to break out. We'll move around using the on-screen controls and we'll have to be extremely stealthy as the granny can hear everything and they both have very sharp eyesight.

Get hold of the APK of the highly recommendable Granny 2 if you're into horror adventures.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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