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A sweet granny needs your help in Granny vs Impostor... a sweet grandma who is a spy, armed to the teeth, and won't put up with anything she doesn't like

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Have you ever wondered where all the impostors we throw off the ship in Among Us go? Well, probably to this crazy game designed by the Gamejam studio! In Granny vs Impostor, you must help a feisty granny to beat the bad guys.

A crazy game with shooting, chases, and action

Granny vs Impostor is a crazy casual game where you control a grandmother with coke bottle glasses and a terrible temper, who is a spy. The old lady is very sweet, but she won't allow any messing around.

Do you like action movies and spies? Can you help Grandma? She's a spy!

In each mission, you will be assigned a mission after a nice animation. The assignments are varied, dynamic, and a lot of fun. Among other things, you will have to climb walls with the help of a cane, escape from the bad guys in a wheelchair, avoid obstacles to steal a secret file, solve puzzles, and shoot impostors as if it were an FPS.

But that's not all. As you progress and get money, you can unlock clothes, hats, and glasses for your super-granny.

It's a fight for survival!

As for the technical section, this title offers some delightful 3D graphics, namely the charming character design (although the enemies are shamelessly copied from the InnerSloth's game). And the soundtrack and sound effects are also very cool.

It is totally free to download the APK file. But if you can play without an internet connection, so much the better.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
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