Granola is a program that is perfect to save energy and money when working with a computer. Download Granola free to help save the planet from contamination

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Using a computer involves a high energy expenditure, affecting both the user's money as well as the planet's preservation. It's clear that the effect a single computer don't have too much repercussion. But if you take into account the amount of computers that are used all over the world, they can have a direct impact on the planet.

We must all do our part

To be able to make your small contribution you can use Granola, a program that, based on the desires of the user, can save a large amount of energy. To be able to carry out the latter, Granola makes sure that the computer only uses the energy that is necessary for the process that is taking place.

Help save the planet.

Thanks to Granola, the user will be able to know the amount of energy that is being saved, calculate the money that has been saved, the CO2 that hasn't been emitted to the atmosphere and the percentage of the CPU's energy saved while the user doesn't even notice it.

Among the options available in Granola, the user will be able to decide what energy saving plan is going to be used, ranging from a minimum one so as to make sure that the computer has plenty of power, to a high saving mode in which the computer will work slower.

Therefore, if you want to save energy, download Granola to your computer.

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