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With Graph TV you can check the popularity of a series and its episodes by means of a graphical representation of the latter depending on its IMDb rating

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If you're a fan of TV series, it's always great to be able to know the interest aroused by your favorite TV shows. Graph TV is a tool that gathers all these popularity data and does so by making use of the ratings of Internet Movie Database (IMDb) users.

Find out which are the best episodes and seasons with a simple glance.

With Graph TV you can check the trend of a specific season or the entire series. If the latter has been regular, whether in good or bad terms, the lines that represent this trend will tend to be horizontal. However, the more irregular the series is, the more vertical the lines will be due to the disparity of the episode ratings. All this information will be represented by means of a chart, the axes of which represent the episode number and its rating.


  • Graphical representation of the popularity trends of the episodes of a series.
  • Possibility to show the trend for a complete series or by seasons.
  • Auto-scalable representation or using a scale between 0 and 10.
  • Option to print the chart or download it in JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG format.
  • Shortcuts to episode lists on Wikipedia and IMDb.

Check the evolution of a series' quality in a visual manner thanks to Graph TV.

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