Download Gretl now and carry out all sorts of complete econometric analyses. Gretl is a tool with which you can work with all kinds of economic data

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Gretl is an open source application that contains a pack of tools to carry out statistical analyses as well as econometric estimations. It's an application used in institutions all over the world in the economy field.

Pack of tools used by economists and students all over the world.

Gretl allows you to carry out econometric analyses as you input data, being able to carry out predictions, charts or estimations, among other operations. It uses its own format to store the data, but it allows you to import files in other formats, like XML, for instance. Its interface is simple and intuitive, and it contains complete user guides.

Some of the features of Gretl

  • Wide range of estimation functions.
  • Methods to calculate time series.
  • Limited dependent variables.
  • Output models in LaTex format, as a table or equation.
  • Iterative estimation procedure and command loop structure.
  • GUI controller for Gnuplot graphics.

Download Gretl and resort to one of the most used tools if you need to carry out complex economic analyses.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Allin Cottrell & Riccardo Lucchetti
6 months ago
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