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0.7.03 Gridpunk is a real-time one-on-one battle, action, strategy, and third-person shooter application game that takes place in an engaging cyberpunk world
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Gridpunk is a good combination of several concepts: cyberpunk style, third-person shooting, strategy, and 1v1 battle in real-time. The final result is highly attractive, offering an entertaining experience with outstanding graphics.

Quick 1v1 battles

In this game, you will have to face in real-time two players in quick third-person shooting battles. Therefore, we will have to be very clear about our game strategy because it will be as important as the weapons we can get to arm our character.

Our battles take place in scenarios equipped with all kinds of elements to hide and take cover from fire, so we will have to keep them in mind when trying to defeat our opponent. The atmosphere of the game is worth mentioning, as it adds a futuristic touch to the experience.

These are the main features of Gridpunk:

  • Several weapons, gadgets, and skills to be unlocked.
  • Progressive game: as we win battles, we will be able to advance and unlock new scenarios.
  • A real-time game that places us in front of unknown players or our own friends.
  • Unlock all kinds of characters with unique abilities.
  • Cyberpunk style.
Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
6 months ago
111.7 MB

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