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1.2.1 Grimvalor is an exquisite RPG for Android devices where we embark on a strange and fantastical adventure through a dark, terrible, and unfamiliar world
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If you've played any Castlevania titles, you'll no doubt be familiar with this exquisite game. The Direlight studio has created this three-dimensional wonder where our mission is to control a lone warrior tasked with finding the lost king and restoring order to the corrupt kingdom of Vallaris. However, he won't get very far, as it's not long before he is sent to a terrible world of darkness by a powerful and evil being.

An extraordinary adventure in a terrible world

Grimvalor brings together and masterfully combines elements from role-playing and platform games. We advance through the levels fighting fierce monsters in real time while looking for objects and making our way from one screen to the next.

To do this we get extraordinarily responsive button controls, offering an experience that's perfectly suited for mobile devices. In addition to the movement buttons, we have jump (and double jump), dodge and attack. And if we leave the attack button pressed, we can perform powerful combos.

Make your way through the hordes of darkness and defeat the fearsome guardians of King Valor in this stunning role-playing adventure.

The environments are wonderful, sometimes surprising us with "two and a half dimension" designs, in the style of the Yoshi's Story saga. Without a doubt, the graphic art and music are two of this adventure's strongest points.

In the first installment we get free access to the first chapter, which lasts approximately one and a half to two hours. During that time we get to see a lot of scenarios, destroy a good number of monsters and face some final bosses. You can replay it as many times as you like.

And if you like it and decide to buy the full version for a small fee, you can play it without an internet connection. Do you need any more excuses to download the APK file of this delightful game?

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Laura Stutt
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