GrooveDown offers you the possibility to download songs from GrooveShark, one of the most important and popular music services via streaming worldwide

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GrooveShark has become one of the most powerful music services via streaming in the world together with Spotify and This platform offers you the possibility to listen to the songs or the albums of any artist that you may like, to create customized playlists and to share all the music that you have discovered with your friends. The only problem of this service is that it's impossible to download the contents, unless you have a tool like GrooveDown.

  It's a utility that allows you to search for and download the songs that you want to your PC so that you'll be able to record them on a CD, copy them to your portable audio player or to listen to them on your PC when you're offline.

  The application has a very simple interface, that can be controlled with three buttons and doesn't require any kind of complex configuration.

  If you like the music available in GrooveShark and you want to download all the songs to your computer, get hold of GrooveDown as soon as possible.
Requirements and additional information:
Requires Java to be installed.
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5.8 MB

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