GrooveWalrus is an application that combines the Grooveshark and music streaming services. With GooveWalrus you'll be able to listen to music

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GrooveWalrus is a desktop application with which you'll be able to play music from the Grooveshark music streaming service without having to open the browser. Furthermore, it also has integration with, thus there will be no songs that you can listen to. On the other hand, you'll also be able to download the songs that you listen to and that you like the most.

is an online service that allows its users to have access to a large amount of songs of any style and from any place in the world. With GrooveWalrus you wont' have to open the browser to be able to access this platform. You will only have to launch the application, search for the music and enjoy it. What's more, it offers the possibility to download and save your favorite songs on your computer.

  GrooveWalrus also stands out due to its integration with, something that offers the possibility to access that service's libraries as well. Moreover, you will be able to input your account and enjoy your favorite artists and your playback statistics.

  If you like music, with GrooveWalrus you will have access to almost any song from your desktop.
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