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gStrings is a program designed to be able to help musicians to tune a string instrument from your mobile. Download gStrings right now free for Android

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When it comes to playing a chord instruments like the guitar or a violin it is necessary to have a tuner which allows you to make sure that the instrument is properly tuned, which is the main purpose of gStrings.

Tune your guitar with your mobile

gStrings has been designed to allow the user to tune the guitar depending on the type of music that is going to be played. For this reason, it includes:

  • Tuning for orchestras, which allows to move and redefine tone frequencies.
  • Different temperaments.
  • Variable range non-linear scale.
  • And more...

Furthermore, within the options offered by gStrings the user will be able to modify the sensitivity of the microphone in order to have more precision when it comes to tuning each of the different instruments with which the application can be used.

Use your smartphone as a tuner.

Download gStrings chromatic tuner for free to be able to tune your guitar, violin or violoncello simply using your smartphone.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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