How GTA San Andreas works on PC

How GTA San Andreas works on a PC is identical to how it does so on a video console, except for the fact that if we don’t have a gamepad, we can still handle our character with our keyboard.

As you already know, we’ll take control of Carl, who is back in town in order to avenge the murder of his mother. For such purpose, he’ll reunite with people related to the criminal world whom he met when he was younger. After that, he’ll have to fulfill different missions to be able to advance in the game.

These missions have to be completed as they are essential to be able to advance. But apart from that, we’ll be offered an open world in which we can move around freely and interact with different elements. We’ll do so on foot or making use of any of the vehicles we come across: bikes, cars, motorbikes… In turn, we can also customize our character however we wish, whether dressing him up with all sorts of outfits we find in clothes stores or helping him to build up his muscles by going to the gym.

In any case, the game we’ll be very familiar. This GTA is split into three episodes or chapters, each one of which takes place in a different fictional city of the game: Los Santos (which is meant to be Los Angeles), San Fierro (which would be the current San Francisco), and Las Venturas (which would correspond to Las Vegas in Nevada). The context of the game takes place during the racial riots which took place in Los Angeles in 1992 due to the absolution of the two cops that beat the African American Rodney King after a high-speed car chase.